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For the sick: John, Pam & Bob, Maureen, Loretta, Paul, Mark, Paula, Phil, Peter, Paul, Chig.

For Marriage:

For the departed: Geoffrey Cooke, Wes Perry, Michael Richardson RIP

In our years mind: Carolina Few, Michael Grady

Diocesan Focus: On the day of the London Marathon, raising thousands of pounds for charity, we pray for all who give their time and talent in support of others. We pray for those engaged in Sports Ministry and all who communicate the gospel through their passion for sport.

Worldwide Church: Anglican Church of Australia

Persecuted Church: Mali

Local Community: Please pray for the person who may be called to serve as Rector in this benefice.

The World: for peace in areas of conflict. For reconciliation around the world. For people to enjoy the peace and harmony of Easter.

Please pray for Bryan, Kelvin & Rosie who we support